how everything started

When I first came into contact with the family name “von Hoyer-Boot” I already had some deeper experience with ancestry research on my own family. But to be honest only in a smaller scale in the regions of Saxony, Wuertemberg and Hessen, later I expanded my research to the former german terratory in Poland, the Baltic States und pre-revolution-Russia.

Due to marriage (thanks my darling !) I came in contact with the name “von Hoyer-Boot” (all person listed in the german phone book index are directly related to us and known to me). For sure I have been a little sceptical about the family history. The noble titel of a Baron, Russia in the years before the revolution that where the best incredients for a interesting story, but are all facts provable ?

A short try to poof the family history against “hard facts” lead me deep into a lost world of former Baltic nobles, Russian history and a drifting between former Polish, BAltic, Russian and Belorussian territory. Quite an interesting time (and I spend a lot of time….) but at the end, I had no hard facts found.

But one result was helpful: In nearly all russian resources I have read, I found a lot of cross reference to the name “von Hoyer” in high-ranking positions in the military or the administration. Unfortunately there was not even ONE direct hit to the “von Hoyer-Boot”.

At the end of this part of searching I was nearly sure that the family history might only be a good story…

At this point I sorted once again all facts in hand:

  • titel of “Baron” of russian nobility
  • Due to the Russian Revolution they fled to Bulgaria
  • grandfather of my wife went to Berlin/Germany for studies
  • the grandfather had two brothers
  • there is a familycoat of arms for the male line – you will find it at the top of this page
  • there must be a family connection to France
  • the grand grandparents should went to Swiss where thay had lived in a hotel
  • there should be a lot of family members working as military of in the administration of Russia.

The requirements are not the best, the grandfather had already died some years ago and his wife knows a lot of facts only from his account.
Most of the papers had been lost during the Russian Revolution and the two Worldwars.

One the positive side I already had learned Russian at school of three years (quite unusual for somebody born in Hamburg) and to my surprise I remermbered a lot. Anyway the search on russian internet sites was a huge challenge !

The first hits rewarded my efforts…

A great joy was a visit of the grandmother of my wife. She had found some papers related to the time the family left Russia and the time in Exile in Bulgaria. Among these papers was a short “ancestry tree” issued by the Russian excile Church in Bulgaria.

Unfortunately the search for all names mentioned in this document was unsuccessful…
You have to bear in mind that the russian language does not know any letter for the german “H”, mostly they replace it with their letter “G” but sometimes german names has been translated in a way the people write what they hear, therefore there are other possible replacements for the name “von Hoyer-Boot”.

The ancestry tree unfortunately has no detailed birth dates, only sometimes there are years added to persons on the tree. Nowadys I think, the person who delivered the data for the ancestry tree did not know the axact dates and calculated the birth years back from the date of death minus the age of that person. Sadly this means that there is a varianz of 1 to 5 years plus/minus for the data mentioned therefore not the best data basis.

Furthermore all persons on that ancestry tree are born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Nowadays I suppose that most of the births take place somewhere else and only the baptism has been recorded in the Protestant Lutheran church books of St. Petersburg. So these facts are not helpful to find the real living places…

One day as I am searching on some search maschines I came across a link to some people in the USA named “von Hoyer-Booth”. Surprised by the find I contacted somebody who has already posted an ancestry tree on “” and there has been a short email conversation but the contact broke before we exchanged any data. I am sure that they are descendents of one of the brothers named “Oleg”.

A little bit frustrated I put the reasearch aside due to the fact that the following years has been full of much more important things (birth of our children, move of home, new job etc.).

This year I decided on my birthday that I will give it a new try BUT only in a limited timeframe until the end of 2018.
I fI am not able to find some good, reliable and new information I will put the whole topic in a carton.

Therefore all help will be appriciated !

Alexander Alt