EPJ Hoyer Death 1888

Source: Erik-Amburger-database „Ausländer im vorrevolutionären Russland“ Institut für Ost- und Südosteuropaforschung, Regensburg.

Here we will find a hint for the date of death for Eduard Peter Johann Hoyer (1888) and in addition to that the age at time of death (38 year), if we calculate back to the known data from Kirchenbuch Pawlowsk 1850  we can be sure to have found the right person.

Furthermore there are additional information about the religion, the former citizenship (german) and the titel (Titularischer Rat).
According to the russisian ranking system for civil servants from 1772 the  „Titularische Rat“ (Tituljarnyi sowetnik) is step 9 of 14 (14 is the lowest one).